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We offer an accomodation in a completely reconstructed LOG HOUSE
which is divided into two separate appartments, each with its own entrance.
You can also enjoy staying in a beautiful original TIMBER.

LOG HOUSE Appartment 1 (ground floor)

LOG HOUSE Appartment 1 (ground floor)

Capacity: 5 persons
The appartment is situated on the ground floor
of the completely reconstructed log house.
It offers two separate bedrooms for two and three persons.

There is a fully furnished kitchen (microwave, stove, electric kettle, fridge, etc.) to serve your needs....

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Capacity: 6 persons plus 2 persons on a rollout bed
This original log house in a beautiful countryside setting offers three separate bedrooms, each for 2 persons.

Oldmoravian furniture and tile stove in the dining room, fully equipped kitchen. Bathroom on each floor. You can enjoy a...

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